Six apartments of exceptional quality.

Wattletree Road, Malvern

Developer: Gestalt JV

Architect: Bayley Ward

Scale: 6 apartments

Status: Complete 2020

This collection of six luxury apartments was designed with an emphasis on detailing and livable home-like spaces designed by Bayley Ward. Gestalt formed a joint venture with the site’s owners who retained some residences to occupy and hold. 

As always for us, the focus of this project was on the people living here, which meant carefully considering every design element, the materials selection and the choice of builder.

The site was very narrow and on an arterial road, making design and construction difficult. In addition, the nature of joint ventures is often challenging as many parties are involved, and decision-making can take time and effort. However, with an active and trusting partner, this project ran extremely smoothly, with an outcome everyone is proud of.

“There’s nothing better than a happy client, a beautiful building and residents who love their new home. I learned a great deal on this project, and made lifelong friends with the landowners. Relationships are important, and I’m thrilled our partners were as pleased with the outcome as I am.”

Kyle Reeve
Founder, Gestalt

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