A new benchmark for urban community design.

Roseneath Street, Clifton Hill

Developer: Icon

Architect: Fieldwork

Scale: 67 residences

Status: Complete 2018

This project was a joint venture between Wulff Projects, Assemble and Icon Developments. Kyle Reeve was senior development manager for Icon. The completed project comprised 49 apartments and 18 townhouses, with a strong focus on community living.

Each of the three JV partners brought a different perspective, with each respected and incorporated into the development. The project was innovative in its approach to sales, design, sustainability and community. As a result, the residents who now live here are passionate advocates for the benefits of the project.

“I learned much from Assemble on their approach to building genuine community in the project. Meeting all the owners at the end of the project and seeing how happy there were was the Highlight of this project.”

Kyle Reeve

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