Light, luxury and landscapes for East Melbourne.

George & Powlett

Developer: Icon

Architect: Powell & Glenn

Scale: 12 residences

Status: Complete 2019

As Senior Development Manager role for Icon, Kyle oversaw the development of this project from start to finish. This collection of high-end residences pushed boundaries within East Melbourne, one of the city’s most conservative locations.

After an intensive architectural design competition, Powell & Glenn were appointed to the project, bringing with them an inherently creative approach. While bold, the design was also sensitive, leading to almost no objections and strong council support. 

Every effort was made to ensure the design concept was realised. Just one highlight was the 4.5m off-form concrete curved boundary wall which was poured in one pour. Today the building continues to win acclaim and respect in the area.

“I personally met every purchaser during the sales campaign. I believe this always provides real insight into what people want in a project. It’s also very humbling when you hand over their set of keys. I often make a detour when I’m driving past this building, and I remain extremely proud of it.”

Kyle Reeve

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