We’re proud to work alongside talented industry professionals who share our passion and our vision. Like us, they care about the difference every Gestalt project will make.

Architecture + Design

Clare Cousins (Architecture) — clarecousins.com.au

Bayley Ward (Architecture) — bayleyward.com

Powell & Glenn (Architecture) — powellandglenn.com.au

Warren & Mahoney (Architecture) — warrenandmahoney.com

Woods Baggot (Architecture) — woodsbagot.com

Eldridge Anderson (Architecture) — eldridgeanderson.com.au

SJB (Architecture) — sjb.com.au

Carr (Architecture) — carr.net.au

David Goss (Architecture) — studiogoss.com.au

Kennon Architecture (Architecture) — kennon.com.au

Fieldwork Architects (Architecture) — fieldwork.format.com

MAArchitects (Architecture) — maarchitects.com.au

Inglis Architecture (Architecture) — inglisarchitects.com

Pandolfini (Architecture) — pandolfini.com.au

Watson Young (Architecture) — watsonyoung.com.au

DKO (Architecture) — dko.com.au

Freadman White (Architecture) — freadmanwhite.com

Hassell (Architecture) — hassellstudio.com

Ritz & Ghougassian (Architecture) — ritzghougassian.com

Telha Clarke (Architecture) — telhaclarke.com.au

Rob Kennon (Architecture) — robkennon.com

Ewert Leaf (Architecture) — ewertleaf.com.au

K2LD (Architecture) — k2ld.com


Ben Scott (Landscape) — benscott.com.au

Eckersley (Landscape) — e-ga.com.au

Simon Taylor (Landscape) — stlandscapedesign.com.au


Coben (Construction) — coben.com.au

Minicon (Construction) — minicon.com.au

Icon (Construction) — icon.co

Momentum Building (Construction) — momentumbuildinggroup.com

Creative + Culture

CUUB (Digital renders) — cuubstudio.com

Stab (Digital renders) — stabstudio.com

Pointilism (Digital renders) — pointilism.com.au

Gabriel Saunders (Digital renders) — gabrielsaunders.com.au

Gavin Green (Photography) — gavingreen.com

Derek Swalwell (Photography) — derekswalwell.com

Kate Ballis (Photography) — kateballis.com

Tom Blachford (Photography) — tomblachford.com

Veeral Patel (Photography) — veeral.com.au

Kristoffer Paulsen (Photography) — kristofferpaulsen.com

JAC& (Brand, Strategy & Design) — jac-and.co

Letterform (Copywriting) — letterform.co

Studio Brave (George & Powlett Design) — studiobrave.com.au


Business + Finance

Bayley Stuart (Partner) — bayleystuart.com.au

K&L Gates (Legal) — klgates.com

Pitcher Partners (Accounting) — pitcher.com.au

Slomoi Immerman Partners (Accounting) — slomoipartners.com.au

Monark (Financier) — monarkpartners.com.au

Wolf Capital (Investor)

Monumentis (Investor)

Westpac (financier)

“We really like working with Kyle at Gestalt because he’s committed to good quality design. We have shared values, we’ve worked together before, and we know we can count on great outcomes.”

Karen Alcock

Bringing together original ideas and unique opportunities, we build enduring spaces to admire, for all kinds of people. Our project are diverse in Maecenas faucibus mollis interdum. Praesent commodo cursus magna, vel scelerisque nisl consectetur et. Donec ullamcorper nulla non metus auctor fringilla. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

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