Gestalt is a property developer creating enduring places for all kinds of people. We care about good design and the difference it can make to residents, communities and the environment for years to come. That’s why we partner with like-minded and industry-leading people who value discourse, original thinking and unique opportunities. Together, we can challenge the norm, lead by example and deliver projects we’re proud to put our name to. A balanced approach, for better outcomes.

A gestalt is “an organised whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts.” And that’s what we’re about; bringing together talented people and many, many design decisions to create something much larger than ourselves. “Enduring places for all kinds of people” is more than our vision. It’s our legacy.

Kyle Reeve
Director, Gestalt

I founded Gestalt because I believe that, when done well, property development means much more than numbers on a spreadsheet or industry accolades. I’m interested in creating places of long-lasting value for residents. I’m passionate about ethical development through projects that positively shape our cities, our environment and our communities.

Through Gestalt, I’m able to build on more than a decade of experience delivering commercial and residential projects for some of Melbourne’s most respected developers. This experience has allowed me to collaborate with professionals from architects to town planners. With a shared deep understanding of the property industry, and a shared passion for doing things differently, I’m excited about the opportunities ahead of us to deliver projects that can make a positive difference.

I’m the father of two small children. Many years from now, I want to be able to drive past every Gestalt project with them, and be able to tell them with pride that I helped make each of those places a reality.

Photo by Armelle Habib for the SMH